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Sales Partner


As a Tootix Sales Partner, you are eligible to earn high sales commission while growing your customer base. Through our partner program you will have a solid foundation to boost your sales efforts and drive orders home.


As Tootix is using a licencing subscription based software model, you as a Sales Partner will gain continuous earnings from your sales. This enables you to form stronger customer relationships and enjoy long-term profits.

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  • Commission is earned per client demo done by a Tootix product manager.

  • Commission on all consultations

  • Reach 25 demos receive a once-off bonus


  • Commission for every new active client.

  • Commission on all consultations

  • Reach 25 active clients & receive a once-off bonus

        (Active client: 25 tasks and 3 users).


  • Recurring commission on monthly fees

  • 100% of consultations

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Interested in becoming a Tootix Sales Partner?

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