Currently we are running a two month free

trial to assist business during the worldwide

We like to keep things simple (All prices excludes Taxes):

The most basic option is 5 Users @ R500

Up to 20 Users, add R100 per user and after 20 Users, add R60 per user.


3 Users: R500

5 Users R500

12 Users: R1200

21 Users: R2060

All entities will be limited per month as follows:
Message (E-Mail or Telegram) sending: 200 x Number of users
Storage: 1Gb per Entity plus 100Mb per User

Custom Telegram Bot: Pricing on request
Training & Consultation: Pricing on Request
Additional Messages: Add R250 per month per 5000 additional messages
Additional Storage: Add R500 per month for each 1 Gb additional


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