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Visitors Contact Details

At the winery’s tasting room, the staff collects less than 5% of their visitors’ contact details.

The challenge for the tasting room is to find a suitable solution to collect the contact details of the visitors to remain engaged with them in the future.


The winery offered an incentive to the visitor to connect with the winery on their mobile phone. The winery used the Wi-Fi code as an incentive, but they also offered instant prizes, like winning a glass of wine or free tasting as an incentive to connect.

The visitor connects with the winery’s Telegram app-like bot and the visitor’s details are automatically updated and segmented on the database.

Tootix schedule an automatic personal message to stay connected with the visitors.


30% of all visitors connect with the winery through their mobile phone and 50% of new contacts engaged with a personal message to the bot.

The higher engagement also resulted in higher online sales over time and the local visitors’ visits increased over time.

Staying connected with personal messages or access to information on the bot also resulted in higher word-of-mouth referral from the visitors.

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