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School Open Day

The school’s open day is an opportunity day to showcase what the school has to offer and provide information to prospective students and parents.

Due to the number of students and parents attending the school it is difficult for the school to create a personalised experience at the school and follow up with learners after the open day with relevant information about the student’s interests at the school.


The school made use of the Tootix app-like bot to register prospective students and parents for the open day. The new contacts connected to the bot they were automatically segmented on the database based on their interest.

A personal message to each new contact was sent to the bot with specific information that was relevant to the student or parent at the open day.

The students and parents could explore and read more about their interests on the bot, and they were also informed who to meet and where to find information on the open day.

After the open day all the registered students and parents received a personal thank-you message and updates about the timelines and process for the registration of new learners.


The administrative burden of the school was reduced, because parents and students had all the information available on the bot. The fact that no contact details were manually captured eliminated capturing errors and no time was lost on updating students on spreadsheets and e-mail lists.

The school receives compliments about the personalized experience, but they also had a very clear indication of the interests of the prospective students at the school for the following year.

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