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Sales Team Management

The Sales Manager uses WhatsApp to manage the sales team. The initial WhatsApp group has quickly grown from one to multiple groups of the sales team.

Managing several chats and information on the groups was getting harder and it became messy for both the sales manager and the sales team.


The sales manager was looking for a solution to keep the team informed and give them access to information on their mobile phones.

The sales manager used Tootix segmentation to split the team in different segments. Once the team was segmented, he could send messages to his team and upload content on the app-like bot to specific segments.

The sales team receives relevant messages in one place, and they did not get any duplicate messages.

The dynamic app-like bot only displays relevant buttons and information to each member of the sales team, and it eliminated the problem of outdated information and documents.


The key finding was the importance of effective time management for the sales manager.

The sales manager became more effective in managing his team, information to his team and administrative tasks.

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