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Keep Members Informed

The mountain bike and trail running club biggest problem was to keep the members informed of the latest news and information once they have registered on the website.

The club made use of WhatsApp and e-mails to communicate messages to 2 500 members on WhatsApp and e-mail became a massive administrative task, especially when targeted messages was sent to specific groups and members of the club.


The club integrated their membership registration with Tootix that allowed them to centralize all the club communication in one place.

All the members were segmented from the membership registration to ensure that members only receive a personal message with relevant information and the club could receive structured responses from the members.

A notice board, member deals and a calendar were loaded on the bot that gave every member instant access to relevant information about the club.

The bot also allowed for the local business community to offer exclusive deals to the members, and it was a great initiative to connect the club with the local businesses.


75% of the members connected to the Telegram bot and on average a member would engage 4 times with the bot during a month.

80% of the members would open the personal bot messages versus 20% e-mail open rate.

Tootix helped the club to stay connected with all the members and reduced the admin burden to communicate information to the members.

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