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Engage your Customers

The problem for the restaurant was that 80% of his restaurant visitors never make a return to the restaurant.

The restaurant did not have a system to keep a record of their guests. The restaurant made use of WhatsApp to engage with a limited number of their clients about specials and information about meals.


The restaurant had to find an effective way to engage their customers at the restaurant.

The restaurant promoted a special, instant prizes and the Wi-Fi code on the tables with a QR code and website link. The visitors had to connect to the app-like bot to access the promotion.

The visitor was automatically authenticated and segmented on the database when they connected to the bot. Not only could the visitor win an instant price, but the visitor also had access to the menu and more details about the meals and wines offered at the restaurant.

The next day, a personal thank you message was sent to each visitor. The restaurant used Tootix to schedule more messages to keep the customers updated with the latest news and specials.


The impact was that 30% of visitors registered on the bot and that 30% was actively engaged on the bot after the restaurant visit with repeat visits.

The restaurant also put the link to the bot on social media and manage to get more customers on the bot that was more effective than just a like and a share on social media.

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