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Church Communication

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, electronic communication has become a focus for maintaining the congregation's engagement with the church.

The church communicated the same message in various places, such as website, WhatsApp, and social media, but the congregation kept phoning the office for information.

The lack of access to information resulted in lessened participation and engagement from the congregation.


The church had an outdated database of their members contact details and it was difficult to update the contact details with the latest information.

The congregation was asked to connect to the app-like bot. The bot registered the person’s name and surname on Tootix, and it was authenticated against the current database details.

Once the members registered, they were segmented into different groups and the church has communicated relevant information to their members.

A Noticeboard and calendar were loaded on the bot that gave every member instant access to relevant information about the church.


86% of the congregation with the average age of 55 connected to the Telegram bot within the first month of deployment.

Tootix helped the church to stay connected with all the members of the church in one place where people could access the latest news and updates, but also receive and respond to personal messages.

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