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Better Technology. Better Communication?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

“With all the latest technology, communication has never been easier, but relevant communication has never been more difficult.”

The latest mobile technologies enable us to communicate on multiple channels to ensure that we never miss a thing. But in our enthusiasm for our new digital communication tools, we've lost sight of the people managing and receiving the messages and that multi-channel communication is merely the opportunity to miss important information.

At Tootix, we believe that when it comes to communication, people can do much better.

Today’s organisations face a working environment of increasing complexity; the employee base is changing, remote working is becoming the norm, the need for information is more crucial than ever, and the digital workplace is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The need to communicate quickly and effectively with employees and customers has become a pressing concern. Research shows that outdated systems and databases result in poor communication and engagement. The Tootix cloud base database solution is designed to consolidate all your different contacts in one place.

Of course, not everyone is working remotely, and this brings its own issues. Some employees will be office-based, some will be working from home, and others will be on the road. But wherever they are, they need to be contactable at all times in the event of an emergency. Organisations need to be equipped with communication channels and access to information that can instantly reach people without fail. Tootix allows you to segment your contact list and create audiences for relevant and effective communication.

It’s no longer good enough to put a memo on the noticeboard and hope that all your workers get to hear about it. Instead, workers need access to communication tools and technology that connects with them instantly. Your own Telegram bot that integrates with Tootix has been the solution for many organisations. The easy-to-implement mobile bot allows workers to receive or access relevant information that will ultimately help your company become more effective.

Our stance is that communication doesn't occur until the other person understands your message, and that has become the missing link for too many group communications.

Download an example Bot to see Tootix action.

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