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Communication in motion


Relevant and effective communication helps to empower groups to become more efficient

Tootix Simple Communication


Segmenting your contacts has never been easier! Tootix allows you to communicate to different audiences via several means while staying within the boundaries of privacy laws.

Tootix Relevant Communication


Send personalised information to relevant audiences at the right time through preferred communication channels.

Tootix Intelligent Communication


Create your very own customised Telegram Bot. This allows your audiences to pull relevant information, when required, at the click of a button.



Use Cases

Examples of how we can help your

See how Tootix can bring your communication to life
Tootix Use Case.png


  • Newsletter marketing on multiple channels

  • Manage multiple groups with structured responses

  • Access to company information and documents

  • Company training documents and videos

  • Log a call and manage tasks

Employees need clarity, and unanswered questions will impact the quality of their work. Tootix helps to provide information to employees that are specific and relevant to their work. Tootix authenticates and segments each employee to make it easy to send automated messages, provide information or help with onboarding and training of employees or groups. Tootix also offers functionality to log calls or give feedback to the company


Shopping Centre


  • Harvest new consumer details

  • Keep consumer consent

  • Notice board with competitions, specials and events

  • Access to shopping centre information

  • Tenant communication and task management

Shopping Centre_edited.png

Shopping centre management has to ensure that shopping malls are promoted effectively to ensure their success. The success depends on communication from the centre management to tenants and the consumers at the centre.
You can broadcast messages about your latest promotions or discounts directly to your consumers.




  • Harvest new customer contact details

  • Keep consumer consent 

  • Support POPI compliance

  • Communicate specials, promotions and events

  • Staff communication and training

By communicating with customers, prospects, and others one-on-one, companies can build a database that helps them meet the specific needs of individuals, thus building a loyal consumer base. Bot technologies provide businesses and consumers new ways to establish and reinforce relationships essential to the firm's success and relevant for consumers as they make purchase decisions.


Call Centre


  • Customer self-service

  • Log calls and create tasks

  • Transparency of tasks

  • Staff Information and training

  • Notice board for clients and staff

Call Center_edited.png

A customer service Bot is the latest development in a long line of technologies that explore the possibilities of more efficient ways to service customers in the support offices. Customers are changing, and they expect more self-service avenues than ever before. The Tootix omnichannel support will combine your different communication channels so both your team and customers can work seamlessly between them.




  • Noticeboard with the latest news

  • Manage multiple groups with structured responses

  • Display calendar and event news

  • Access to information and documentation

  • Log a call

Tootix creates a member-only area for your community and personalises your members' experience by giving your Bot a unique name, photo, and description of your community. Your Telegram Bot makes it simple to manage your members and audiences on Tootix. You can schedule and publish content and even build an audience from responses from your users. For example, all the members that accept an invitation will be segmented, and a new audience for future communication will be created for these members. The more relevant your content is, the more your members will engage with your community.




  • Noticeboard with the latest news

  • Communicate to multiple channels with structure responses

  • Messages your audience like from  your phone

  • Access to school resources and documentation

  • Staff communication and task management


There is an increased demand for personalised communication between parents, students and teachers from primary to tertiary institutions.
Students, learners and parents need instant information from their schools and teachers. However, it can be difficult for a teacher to personally respond to students about the details of an assignment or upcoming events, sport or an attendee list. 
The beauty of Tootix bots is that they can send personal messages with structured responses to different audiences, thus allowing you to pull relevant information instantly.


See Our Bots in ACTION

  1. Download Telegram

2. Select one of the images to see our Bot in action

Telegram Bots Copy


Shandor Cylvan
Manufacturing and Maintenance

"The implementation of Tootix in our business has been instrumental in improving our ability to delegate, assign responsibility, track and manage all tasks within the company. We as a company have been able to implement Tootix in every aspect of our business from administration, project management, maintenance & finance."

Shandor Cylvan 

(Manufacturing and Maintenance)

Helgard Slabbert
Digital Marketing Agency

"Tootix provided us visibility to manage and track our work, and our team collaboration has helped us to achieve our business objectives."

Helgard Slabbert

(Digital Marketing Agency)

Serina Le Grange
Property Management
Serina Le Grange II.jpg

"I made an immediate move over to using Tootix. It is user-friendly, all your tasks are kept in one place, and the reminders ensure that a deadline is not missed. Team accountability and transparency are also easier to manage through the system."

Serina Le Grange

(Property Management)

Ettienne Combrink
Labour Broking
Ettienne new

"With Tootix, we are more in control and organised than ever before. I track ongoing projects and tasks, share tasks with guests outside my organisation and even run all my meetings within Tootix. The office now lives and breathes accountability and visibility."

Ettienne Combrink

(Labour Broking)

Nitasja du Plooy
Accounting Practice

"I now have the freedom to collaborate with my clients all in one place. No more emails flying around with excuses of not receiving the email communication. Tasks in the office are now completed on time within our deadlines. We can't see our office run without Tootix."

Nitasja du Plooy

(Accounting Practice)

Michael Roberts
Software, Data and Technology
Michael new

"Firstly, we are super grateful for having Tootix in our business. It has improved our efficiency and operational oversight tremendously. Our focus and control on actions and deliverables has removed the assumed clause we have when asking team members to do things or sending emails."

Michael Roberts

(Software, Data and Technology)


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