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Communication is one of the most important considerations for a business, both internally and externally.

Remaining in regular contact with your staff, clients and customers is important for the reputation of your brand and to maintain your relationship.


Tootix offer a solution to keep your team and customers informed and give them access to information on their mobile phones.

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Stay in contact with your staff and customers.

Tootix is a custom software solution for businesses that can manage communication, for both internal and external, through the same dashboard.

Tootix is an effective automated system that can conveniently help you manage the entire workflow without sitting on the heads of employees all the time.

What challenges will be solved?

With so many ways to communicate, from person-to-person to texting, being in the business world can feel like information overload. Between personal and business communications, it seems as if there's a constant onslaught of messages.

The challenge is ensuring all employees have access to the information necessary for the proper execution of the company’s processes. They need to be able to find the latest news and official documents.

Marketing team meeting
Engineer on Tablet


Tootix helps to provide information to employees that are specific and relevant to their work.


Tootix authenticates and segments each employee to make it easy to send automated messages, provide information or help with onboarding and training of employees or groups.


Tootix also offers functionality to manage tasks, log calls or give feedback to the company.


  • Notice-board with the latest news

  • Manage multiple groups with structured responses

  • Display calendar and event news

  • Access to information and documentation

  • Log a call

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