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WhatsApp has created a space in the communication of schools with all its advantages of facilitating access to information among teachers,parents and students.

Nowadays almost all the classes, groups and teams have WhatsApp groups. It is unquestionable that it is a useful tool that allows us to be in direct contact teachers, parents, and learners.

However, the continuous flow of messages from different parents or teachers from different groups turns into a relentless, 24/7 activity for every teacher and parent.



Teachers should spend less time communicating and more time teaching.

Schools need communications software that enables teachers and school administrators to better manage and streamline their parent and school communications efforts, while ensuring that the right information reaches the right peoples at the right time.

What challenges will be solved?

Students, learners, and parents need instant information from their schools and teachers. However, it can be difficult for a teacher to personally respond to students about the details of an assignment or upcoming events or sport activities.

A major concern of using WhatsApp for school communication is that it can sometimes create more confusion and chaos.


Juggling multiple group chats, no user management and unprofessional messages make communication through WhatsApp a nightmare.

Girls Soccer Team with Coach
Couple with Mobile Phone


The contact database is imported or integrated with Tootix, and the contacts are segmented into different classes, groups, or teams.

The beauty of Tootix is that the school can send personal messages with structured responses to different segments and audiences and the system allow the user to pull relevant information instantly.

Tootix allows you to communicate to different audiences via several means while staying within the boundaries of privacy laws.


  • Noticeboard with the latest news

  • Communicate to multiple channels with structure responses

  • Messages your audience like from your phone

  • Access to school resources and documentation

  • Staff communication and task management

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
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