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Communication in motion


"Build stronger connections with
your audience through engagement"


Contact Information

Collect contact information for better engagement.


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Communication Channels

Share information through contacts preferred channel.


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Access to Information 

Information is instantly accesable to your contacts


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Personalised messages

Create trust and loyalty with one-on-one conversations.


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Communication is one of the most important considerations for a business, both internally and externally. Remaining in regular contact with your staff, clients and customers is important for the reputation of your brand and to maintain your relationship. Read More


As the e-commerce trend upward, wine farms must adapt to the latest trends and technology to increase their online revenue.

Building an online customer base is one of the key success factors to unlock value from your online wine sales. Read More

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Gathering your customer data can help you in ways to devise your marketing and sales strategy. It can give you actionable insights and drive revenue. Read More

Nowadays almost all the classes, groups and teams have WhatsApp groups. It is unquestionable that it is a useful tool that allows us to be in direct contact teachers, parents, and learners.

However, the continuous flow of messages from different parents or teachers from different groups turns into a relentless, 24/7 activity for every parent. Read More.

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The community published the same message in various places, such as website, WhatsApp, and social media, but the members kept phoning the office for information.

The lack of access to information resulted in lessened participation and engagement from the members. Read More




Shandor Cylvan
Manufacturing and Maintenance

"The implementation of Tootix in our business has been instrumental in improving our ability to delegate, assign responsibility, track and manage all tasks within the company.."

Shandor Cylvan 

(Manufacturing and Maintenance)

Ettienne Combrink
Labour Broking
Ettienne new

"With Tootix, we are more in control and organised than ever before. I track ongoing projects and tasks, share tasks with guests outside my organisation and even run all my meetings within Tootix. The office now lives and breathes accountability and visibility."

Ettienne Combrink

(Labour Broking)

Helgard Slabbert
Digital Marketing Agency

"Tootix provided us visibility to manage and track our work, and our team collaboration has helped us to achieve our business objectives."

Helgard Slabbert

(Digital Marketing Agency)

Nitasja du Plooy
Accounting Practice

"I now have the freedom to collaborate with my clients all in one place. No more emails flying around with excuses of not receiving the email communication. Tasks in the office are now completed on time within our deadlines. We can't see our office run without Tootix."

Nitasja du Plooy

(Accounting Practice)

Serina Le Grange
Property Management
Serina Le Grange II.jpg

"I made an immediate move over to using Tootix. It is user-friendly, all your tasks are kept in one place, and the reminders ensure that a deadline is not missed. Team accountability and transparency are also easier to manage through the system."

Serina Le Grange

(Property Management)

Michael Roberts
Software, Data and Technology
Michael new

"Firstly, we are super grateful for having Tootix in our business. It has improved our efficiency and operational oversight tremendously. Our focus and control on actions and deliverables has removed the assumed clause we have when asking team members to do things or sending emails."

Michael Roberts

(Software, Data and Technology)

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