Objectives in motion


Online team-management software

that enables teams to collaborate and

achieve their objectives

Tootix Enhances:




Tootix allow teams to see who is busy with what, track progress and keep discussions visible at all times.

Tootix communicates actions clearly to make the most of everybody's time.

To achieve objectives in a team, Tootix provides clarity as to who is responsible for what at all times. 



Tootix was born as a response to the challenges that entrepreneurs face in achieving their businesses' objectives. Because they often strive to take a hands-on approach, entrepreneurs quickly find themselves out of control and, more often than not, a lack of communication is identified as the culprit to blame for them not achieving their clear objectives.

These entrepreneurs typically react by having more meetings, sending more e-mails, creating WhatsApp groups, sending SMS messages, etc. But this usually only amplifies the problem. The real issue is the lack of transparency, accountability and efficiency that comes with modern-day communication.

Tootix was designed to address this issue.

  • E-mails: I send an e-mail asking somebody to do something, and then I have to send another e-mail to follow up.

  • Visibility: I cannot see what my coworkers are busy doing when they claim that they are flooded with e-mails. I cannot even see if they read my e-mail.

  • Tracking tasks: People reply to old e-mails that are not relevant anymore, forget to send a cc to a recipient, or use outdated attachments by mistake.

  • Instant messagingWhatsApp groups create so much noise that you miss important information.

  • Mobile: An SMS notification is sent to multiple people regarding an urgent matter, but no one takes action, simply assuming that somebody else will action it.

  • Meetings: We have a very productive meeting, with neatly documented minutes that sets out the objectives, decisions and actions. At the next meeting only half of the required tasks have been done.

  • Recurring tasks: We have recurring tasks that somebody needs to instigate manually.

  • Record keepingWhen somebody leaves our business, all the important communication remains in the mailbox or gets deleted. 

Tootix is the solution to the following problem statements:




The COVID-19 pandemic proved that it is technically possible to work remotely. We believe this will become part of the new normal we will face in  the future. Tootix is here to put your objectives in motion and to enable you to navigate your business through these uncharted waters with transparency, accountability and efficiency.


Objectives and Keys Results (OKRs), is a collaborative goal-setting tool used to set challenging goals with measurable results. It tracks progress, creates alignment, and engagement around goals.


Tootix is industry agnostic and it can be configured to represent your unique environment and way of working.



Intelligent automation of processes, notifications and housekeeping is core to our solution.


Communication is key in reaching objectives. We leverage existing communication platforms such as e-mail and Telegram through

bi-directional integration.


Easily create, assign and prioritize tasks in support of your objectives.


Align your team's accountability in order to maximise efficiency.


Meeting agendas, minutes and decisions are logged and actionable tasks are created, monitored and on record.


Total visibility through real-time dashboards and reporting.


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Manufacturing and Maintenance
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Digital Marketing Agency
Serina Le Grange
Property Management
Ettienne Combrink
Labour Broking
Nitasja du Plooy
Accounting Practice
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Software, Data and Technology

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